Frustrated with your dog's behavior?

Where to start?? Pulling your arm out of the socket on a walk, not coming back when called, stealing items in the house, guarding those items, jumping up on guests, barking & lunging at other dogs, people, cars? Your dog has you embarrassed & exhausted on a daily basis. 

Do you know there is more possible?

You know your dog is smart & capable of great things, but how do you get them there? Your dog's current emotional responses are barrier to your success together. A hyperactive, nervous, anxious, fearful or aggressive state of mind can block your dog's true potential. 

Want to have a dog you actually like?

Let's face it, a dog with behavior issues doesn't make for a great bestie. This is not the picture you envisioned when bringing home your pup. You've perhaps questioned if this is the right dog for you. Possibly even had thoughts of rehoming them.

Off Leash Reliability

Reliable behavior for fun adventures & better manners!

Improved Relationship

You got your dog to be your buddy! Let's build an awesome relationship.

Better Communication

You understanding your dog better & your dog understanding you better.

Have you worked with other trainers before

& still struggle with your dog's behavior?


The Canine Cooperative founded the M.E.L.L.O. Method‚ĄĘ which¬†uses a holistic approach to address behavior modification. Behavioral¬†problems¬†are generally symptomatic of a deeper rooted issue that exists within the relationship between yourself and your dog. Traditional obedience does not address any of this and alone does not resolve issues which owners are experiencing.¬†


Our programs teach you to have a solid understanding of:

  • WHO¬†your dog is

  • WHY your dog is having behavioral outbursts

  • WHAT is causing the underlying behavior issues¬†

  • HOW to successfully communicate with your dog to create behavior change


We may not be your first dog trainers, BUT we will be your LAST!


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Hi! Welcome to the Canine Cooperative!

Hi!  We are Jaimee Wenzel (FKA Applaws Dog Training) and Sabrina Joens (FKA Good Dogma). Both long time dog trainers and behavior consultants, we happened to find ourselves working in the exact same town! What would spark competition with some, developed into an amazing friendship over the years. We began working together through the collaborative efforts of our separate businesses, soon realizing we had created something really special. The Canine Cooperative was born out of our shared love for helping people and sharing our knowledge with owners to help them be successful with their dogs. 

Welcome to common sense dog training; where obedience meets mind set. 
Learn how to successfully live, understand & nurture your relationship with your dog.



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Our programs are designed to give you an understanding of your dog and learn to communicate with them, ultimately improving your relationship. The Co-op is centered on helping you live a successful life with your dogs.



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Are you a dog trainer looking to further develop their skill set or build their business? Learn everything you need to know to from program design, building your business,  &/or advancing your training skills.



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